Y-FAR Health Communication program is specilized in the development of social, behavior change communication, advocacy and community mobilization to enhance demand and uptake service delivery. We deliver printed-out, radio, TV and social media compaigns that are designed to improve health problems by informing people the importance of healthcare issues and promote communuty behavior change in regard to health..

Somaliland Medical Directory .

The Somaliland Medical Directory and its online version on are the leading Healthcare reference platforms in Somaliland. They provide friendly network which assist healthcare stakeholders to promote their products, and services hence increase your market share. This Directory provides space for users of this publication to publish and share their views on healthcare topical issues.
The Directory Provides Contacts for:

  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes
  • Healthcare Equipment Suppliers
  • Pharmaceutical Distributors
  • Private Medical Clinics, Laboratories & X-Ray Centres
  • Medical Specialists
  • Other Medical Service

About SIXA Health Magazine.

Sixa Health Magazine – a Somali published journal which is the first health magazine published in Somaliland. It provides general information on health particularly on PUBLIC HEALTH. The magazine carries informative and knowledgeable health articles, such as: Nutrition, Dental, Fitness, Beauty, and other healthy living habits.